Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials for Travis Allison - Photographer

Lisa Cook - Marketing Communications Coordinator

Travis is a pleasure to work with. He is very professional in dealing with management, staff and children. His ability to capture all the right moments, in the right light, and at creative angles using varying degrees of focus is outstanding.

Miggs Sherratt [mother-of-the-groom]

Wow !!!!! Brenden and Laura shared their wedding pictures today. I laughed and cried as I looked at them. You have an amazing ability to capture the emotion of the moment. They are simply amazing !!!!! Bren said what he was really thankful for how you calmed his nerves while taking the pictures before the wedding. This was likely the biggest gift you gave my son that day. Today I sit and savor the images that remind me how very lucky I am to be blessed with such a great family. Yes , God smiled on us in so many ways. Thanks for reminding me of this through your camera lens. Travis, you have a gift indeed.

Lynn Woytaz [wedding]

10 out of 10! His hospitality and the way he handled himself with our family was absolute amazing.

Matt Honsberger [professional portrait]

Travis' work most definitely speaks for itself, but it's not just the end product that impacted me. Travis has an incredible way of turning his shoots into a wholly creative, collaborative and educational experience. I consistently feel like I get to share in his visions and get there through his infectious passion.

Tara Lohmann [wedding]

Wow Travis! Those pictures are fantastic! You have really captured the energy and emotion of the day. There are some fantastic shots of everyone and the candids are amazing! Thanks again for all your hard work - you did a really great job and I'll make sure to strongly recommend you to everyone getting married in the area.

Amy Bowring [family portraits]

These are absolutely fantastic! You've done such an amazing job; you are extremely talented. I look at a lot of photography in my work and do a lot of photo editing for our books so I have a large base to compare your work to.

Your eye and the way you play with focus, filters, colour, light -- it demonstrates real artistry.

Teresa & Kevin Glavin [wedding]

WOW!!! It is hard to put into words right now all of the THANKS we have for your talent, skill and professionalism. Amazing shots!!! It's like re-living all the moments of our day. Thank you!

Ron & Jen Lapointe [wedding & family portraits]

Travis was the photographer at our wedding just over two years ago and we continually hear compliments about the photos hanging in our house. Very original poses, lots of amazing candid shots...he just has a knack for being at the right place at the right time to catch that special moment, and the knowledge of photographic techniques to capture it with great style and originality.

This past October, we had Travis take some outdoor family portraits of my wife, my 10 month old son and me. They are AWESOME. There are so many great shots to chose from. Lots of nice little candid moments of father and son, mother and son and all three of us, not to mention some amazing solo shots of my son. Everyone we show these pics to has the same reaction, "Who took these! They're amazing!"

I would whole heartedly recommend Travis Allison for any pics you need. Thanks again, Travis.

Allison Bethune & Ian Cooper [wedding]

Travis has a great eye, and was very easy to work with. Totally flexible and relaxed, considering how busy our day was! We loved our pictures, and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Rebecca Jess - Teacher, Textile & Clothing Designer [Party of X participant]

Travis' art has a beautiful sense of voyeurism; everything he takes tells a story. If you're a teacher working on creative writing you could definitely take any of his shots and use them as story starters and inspiration for your students. I think this speaks volumes about his work. Nothing he takes is stagnant; there is life behind every photo.

Antoine from All Day I Dream About Photography [photography blogger]

Travis is a very versatile photographer with a very diversified portfolio. However all of his pictures have one thing in common. They all tell a story !!! It takes more than just technique to take such exposures, I sure enjoy his portraits.

Libby - Farmer & Student [Party of X participant]

I would recommend Travis Allison for any one looking to capture the true essence of your event and participants. Travis did two shoots for me and consistently took into consideration the vision I had for the shoots. He was able to capture my family and friends' personalities in each photo. I cannot wait for our next event so that we can get more photos done by Travis.

Angela [family portraits]

We finally got around to share the photos. My husband was able to sit down yesterday and really look at them. So many wonderful ones - you do such incredible work. My Aunt is "in love" with your black and white shots on your blog and sure she will enjoy viewing the big collection. Many, including us, are so impressed with the close ups of the kids - I'm terrible with the zoom so have neglected these pictures. We can't wait to frame for our bare hallway walls. We can't thank you enough and will definitely trouble you for your expertise in the future. Hopefully, less mosquitos next time...would be really cool to add a dog to the mix!