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... it's worth a shot.

What a Weekend!

I had a great weekend.

It started out on Friday night with a really nice informal wedding on Friday night at a local church. Allison & Mark a very small, private ceremony for family and a couple of friends and are going to have their big blow-out wedding in July. I felt really honoured to be asked to shoot their wedding and I am looking forward to July now that I have got a chance to meet some of their family.   

Allison and I used to ride the same bus to Innerkip Public School so it was pretty cool to be asked to shoot her wedding! Here is a picture that I just ripped off when I first stepped in to the sanctuary at Huron Park Baptist Church on Friday night. I do tend to play with the trigger button a bit (8 gig cards feel so Huge) and I'm pleased with this happy accident:09-05_KarlHenkellWedOne001.jpg

Real wedding pictures to come shortly...

Right after shooting pictures in the park with Mark & Allison we got in the car and drove up to camp. This weekend was Work Weekend and I was asked if I would drive the rented excavator to work on some of the washed-out roads and trails. It was a great time and I love a day that is full of diesel fumes. You can take the kid out of the farm...

I shot this little video this morning when I was working on The Link - the road between the Glen Mhor and Iona programmes. Thanks to everybody who came up to camp to help paint, fix floors, plant flowers, do murals, etc. It makes this former director proud.