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Printable Wedding Budget Worksheet

Wedding Budget budgeting worksheet to help plan for a wedding

My friends at (you should see their Ingersoll show room!) have just posted a printable wedding budget worksheet on their blog.  Click here to download it for free.

It's a great resource for budget planning - and making sure that you don't forget anything.

How Much Should We Budget for Photography?

Clients often ask the "should" questions - and they are great questions.    The thing with weddings is.... (surprise!) they are expensive.  It is incredibly important that a bride and groom (or bride and bride, groom and groom) set a firm budget and stick to it.   Not only will this relieve some after-matrimony stress from looking at credit card bills but it will cut back on money arguments during your preparations.

Obviously, your total budget is a discussion for  the two of you.    The best I can offer is a look at what percent of your budget "should" go to photography. Within a tight budget it is often tempting to de-value photography.

Now my bias is pretty obvious, but I firmly believe that photography should be one of your most thoughtful considerations.   When you wake up the day after your wedding you will have three things by which to remember the day that you spent so much time preparing and getting absolutely perfect:

  1. the one you wake beside
  2. the ring on your finger, and...
  3. the pictures

After your wedding day you won't have the flowers or the meal but you will have your photos.

Should the pictures, therefore, be worth as much or more?