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... it's worth a shot.

Theresa & Johnathon, Anna, Ella & Lucy

Beth & I had a great day at camp Kintail with their director Theresa & her family. It is always fun to hang around with Theresa & Johnathon and it has been great to get to know their awesome kids. Fun Fact: I was Theresa's camp counsellor when she was about 11 years old.

08-10_McDonaldLeeFamily121.jpg 08-10_McDonaldLeeFamily295.jpg 08-10_McDonaldLeeFamily153.jpg 08-10_McDonaldLeeFamily326.jpg 08-10_McDonaldLeeFamily369.jpg 08-10_McDonaldLeeFamily499.jpg 08-10_McDonaldLeeFamily532.jpg 08-10_McDonaldLeeFamily541.jpg 08-10_McDonaldLeeFamily547.jpg 08-10_McDonaldLeeFamily611.jpg 08-10_McDonaldLeeFamily616.jpg 08-10_McDonaldLeeFamily622.jpg 08-10_McDonaldLeeFamily629.jpg 08-10_McDonaldLeeFamily645.jpg 08-10_McDonaldLeeFamily762.jpg

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... it's worth a shot!