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The Magic Kingdom

Beth and I just got back from a wonderful trip to London England to shoot a wedding. It was a beautiful trip and we felt completely at home over there. It was a brilliant mix of city and country with the wedding in a church in Shenfield who's first recorded wedding was in 1536. In the second half of the trip we went into London proper and fit as much touristy things as we could into 2 1/2 days.

It was an amazing adventure.   

Pictures from Joanna & Phil's wedding will be posted here soon but I thought I'd put up some of our more touristy shots.   

I had a funny "old" experience when I got home. I was excited to take my film camera - the Lomo - with me and had that old experience of dropping of the film and having to wait a day to see what my pictures would look like. It was fun!

Arriving at Gatwick.


Red-eye flying, apparently, gives me the wavey-est hair.


This was in Hyde Park, near Kensington Palace. Part of the park's Diana Memorial, it's an old tree trunk that has been carved with elves and birds. From a distance I thought it was a parrot cage.


A "Diana" figure for the girls of this school.


St. Paul's Cathedral.

04-10-10_London-Trip6-53.jpg 04-10-10_London-Trip6-55.jpg 04-10-10_London-Trip6-66.jpg

The London Eye was a definitely a highlight for us. Here's Beth looking West toward Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

04-10-10_London-Trip6-182.jpg 04-10-10_London-Trip6-191.jpg 04-10-10_London-Trip6-195.jpg 04-10-10_London-Trip6-240.jpg

Merchant Mariner war memorial across from the London Tower.


The rest of these shots are from the Lomo.

08-10-10_London-Trip5-44.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-51.jpg

"Look kids: Big Ben, Parliament..."

08-10-10_London-Trip5-62.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-66.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-68.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-71.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-73.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-75.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-82.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-86.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-88.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-93.jpg

Have you been to London? What was your favourite part?