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... it's worth a shot.

Donny Osmond in Woodstock

I was working this morning for Heart FM, one of our local Woodstock radio stations, shooting the Jon and Liz Show with special guest... Donny Osmond.

It was a really funny morning and Donny was such a great host to the 5 winners who got to have breakfast with him.

I also want to thank the Holiday Inn Express for being great hosts and East Side Marios Woodstock for a brillant breakfast.

Heart FM DJs

Between Christmas and New Years I got a call from Monica from Heart FM.  They were looking for a Woodstock photographer to take a picture of their on-air personalities for the up-coming What's on Woodstock.

Everybody was very gracious as I worked around them in big studio and the news room to set up and test my lights for this shot.  Getting the light right in a room this size involves a lot of testing and Liz Wismer had an umbrella and flash going off over her shoulder for half an hour.

Thanks to Heart FM for having me over!

The DJ's of Woodstock radio station Heart FM as shot by Travis Allison Woodstock Wedding Photographer

Alicia and Conor's "Day After" Shoot

This afternoon of shooting was great fun (as always with Alicia and Conor). We drove out to the camp of a friend of ours' near London and shot around this great old mansion that is the centre piece of the property. Alicia was brave out there in her strapless dress... after doing a 15 km run in the morning.

IndigoConorReWed-19.jpg IndigoConorReWed-32.jpgIndigoConorReWed-99.jpgIndigoConorReWed-109.jpg IndigoConorReWed-139.jpg IndigoConorReWed-140.jpgIndigoConorReWed-146.jpgIndigoConorReWed-183.jpg IndigoConorReWed-203.jpg IndigoConorReWed-256.jpg IndigoConorReWed-266.jpg IndigoConorReWed-279.jpgIndigoConorReWed-304.jpg IndigoConorReWed-359.jpg      

Jessica's Portraits

Jessica came to me for some portraits to give out to her family for Christmas this year. Being the resourceful librarian, she found us an inside location at Knox Presbyterian Church (...who doesn't have a website. Really?) in Woodstock. I have loved the architecture of this great old church since I used to go to youth events there in high school.

And now I bring you... The Twizz*

08-11_twizz014.jpg 08-11_twizz035.jpg 08-11_twizz044.jpg 08-11_twizz065.jpg 08-11_twizz099.jpg08-11_twizz081-2.jpg

* her camp name.

Rylee, Cindy & Shawn

I met Shawn & Cindy at Alicia & Rich's wedding at the beginning of October. It was really nice to get to know them better on this Sunday afternoon.

I also appreciate that they were so willing to reschedule after I had an unfortunate acupuncture experience and had to bump them back a couple of weeks!

RyCinSha-1.jpg RyCinSha-2.jpg RyCinSha-3.jpg RyCinSha-4.jpg RyCinSha-5.jpg RyCinSha-6.jpg RyCinSha-7.jpg RyCinSha-8.jpg RyCinSha-9.jpg RyCinSha-10.jpg RyCinSha-11.jpg RyCinSha-12.jpg

Rachel, Tessa, Robyn & Peter

One of the last family portrait sessions of the season: Rachel, Tessa, Robyn & Peter. Peter is a great friend from high school. We have a group of 4 of us who are still close after 20 years.

It was really fun to shoot Peter and his family on a colourful Saturday in late October. I can't believe how fast the girls are growing up!

RacTesRobPet-1.jpgRacTesRobPet-2.jpg RacTesRobPet-3.jpg RacTesRobPet-4.jpgRacTesRobPet-5.jpg RacTesRobPet-6.jpg RacTesRobPet-7.jpgRacTesRobPet-8.jpg RacTesRobPet-9.jpgRacTesRobPet-10.jpg

Andrea's Party of Four

What a great day to take pictures! My second shoot on Sunday was for grad photos - what Americans call Senior Portraits. What I call a Party of X. Winners of a Subtlevox Portrait Session

I've known Andrea (2nd from the left) for most of her life. She was a camper of ours and now is about to become a second year counsellor at CAIRN in Baysville. She was one of the lucky winners of a free graduation portrait session. You can see the presentation that these young women put together to win these pictures [click here].

Andrea (... but we call her Squire):




Family Portraits with Amy, Michael, Nicholas and Luke

I have known Amy since we met at Innerkip Presbyterian Church when we were 4 years old. I had an awesome time shooting with her and Michael and their family this past Sunday in High Park in Toronto. It was a funny moment when Amy said to Nicholas "Do you know that Mommy and Travis met when we were your age?". Michael reminded us that the next thing I did after we met was that I asked my new friend to marry me. She is, also, one of only two people in the world whom I can stand calling me Trav.

Thanks for such a great day Aim & Michael! It was very fun to play with you folks.

Nicholas LOVES the movie Cars. It was hard to pick only one to shoot.

Do you feel like someone might turn out to be a performer like his dad?