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London, UK Wedding: Joanna + Phil

This past fall Beth and I travelled to the UK to shoot Joanna and Phil's wedding in Shenfield, Essex. It's hard to believe that a wedding could change your life but it certainly developed our passion to become London England wedding photographers! This was my first trip to England and I loved everything about it:

  • super friendly people
  • great curry
  • nice small towns like Shenfield and Billericay
  • train travel
  • the architecture
  • the wonderful cosmopolitan-ness of London (most of the people we saw in the city were not Anglos)

Joanna and Phil were such gracious hosts to us and we really look forward to going back to visit them for longer!30-09-10_Joanna-Phil-Wed1-24.jpg30-09-10_Joanna-Phil-Wed1.jpg

30-09-10_Joanna-Phil-Wed1-13.jpg30-09-10_Joanna-Phil-Wed1-26.jpgEngland beside Canada on the bookshelf!  A match made in heaven.30-09-10_Joanna-Phil-Wed1-33.jpg30-09-10_Joanna-Phil-Wed1-94.jpg30-09-10_Joanna-Phil-Wed1-100.jpg02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-6.jpg02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-110.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-143.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-260.jpg02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-283.jpg


Joanna's Canadian moose.


02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-366.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-483.jpg

Phil and his best mate Chris in the church yard.

02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-527.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-560.jpg02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-571.jpg02-10-10_JoannaPhil3.jpg

The first recorded wedding in this church took place in 1536. I don't have a lot of pictures of the inside during the ceremony because of a church policy but it was beautiful.

02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-77.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-108.jpg02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-128.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-158.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-169.jpg02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-322.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-354.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-386.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-417.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-419.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-433.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-509.jpg

The wedding reception took place in this cool old orphanage dining hall called Poplar Hall.02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-517.jpg02-10-10_JoannaPhil4-161.jpg

First Dance:


Alicia and Conor's "Day After" Shoot

This afternoon of shooting was great fun (as always with Alicia and Conor). We drove out to the camp of a friend of ours' near London and shot around this great old mansion that is the centre piece of the property. Alicia was brave out there in her strapless dress... after doing a 15 km run in the morning.

IndigoConorReWed-19.jpg IndigoConorReWed-32.jpgIndigoConorReWed-99.jpgIndigoConorReWed-109.jpg IndigoConorReWed-139.jpg IndigoConorReWed-140.jpgIndigoConorReWed-146.jpgIndigoConorReWed-183.jpg IndigoConorReWed-203.jpg IndigoConorReWed-256.jpg IndigoConorReWed-266.jpg IndigoConorReWed-279.jpgIndigoConorReWed-304.jpg IndigoConorReWed-359.jpg