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... it's worth a shot.

Donny Osmond in Woodstock

I was working this morning for Heart FM, one of our local Woodstock radio stations, shooting the Jon and Liz Show with special guest... Donny Osmond.

It was a really funny morning and Donny was such a great host to the 5 winners who got to have breakfast with him.

I also want to thank the Holiday Inn Express for being great hosts and East Side Marios Woodstock for a brillant breakfast.

Handbags for Hospice - Sakura House Fundraiser

Congratulations to VON Sakura House (our local Woodstock palliative care hospice) for a great fundraiser - Handbags for Hospice. It was a great night!

The fundraiser was a silent and live auction of a couple hundred purses - new/used, local and celebrity owned with some great deserts and a candy table. Everybody had a really fun night and they raised $42 000 for a wonderful cause.

21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-35.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-115.jpg21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-11.jpg21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-204.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-22.jpg21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-209.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-245.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-251.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-260.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-268.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-273.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-312.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-330.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-7.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-13.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-39.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-76.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-156.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-250.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-307.jpg

Congratulations to all of the women of the committee!21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-336.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-16.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-31.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-320.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice3-77.jpg

The winners of the biggest (and most exciting) live auction item of the night: dinner cooked by the firefighters, a hot airplane ride, and wine, steaks and shrimp from the Dickens.


If you would like to make a donation to Sakura House follow the link.

Bright Wedding: Lisa + Paul

Beth and I travelled to Bright, Ontario to shoot Lisa and Paul's wedding at their farm. It was a very funny day weather-wise - super hot plus rainy but it was awesome how friendly and welcoming everyone was to us.

I always feel honoured when I get chosen as someone's wedding photographer but it's a bit nicer when your client is a great photographer in her own right.

Thanks to Lisa and Paul and their families for such great day!

21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-64.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-75.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-164.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-175.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-196.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-207.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-227.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-230.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-249.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-261.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-272.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-286.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-309.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-328.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-359.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-363.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-378.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-388.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-400.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-415.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-424.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-456.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-634.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-658.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-668.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-711.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-729.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-757.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-976.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-987.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-990.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-1144.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-1181.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-1199.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-1403.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-1447.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-1454.jpg 21-08-10_LisaPaulWed0-1478.jpg


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Unrelated Side Note: Bright always reminds me of younger days: Our bus route to Innerkip Public School took us all the way out to Bright and Sarah Jane took figure skating lessons in Plattsville and I used to drive through Bright to pick her up on cold winter nights.

Woodstock Engagement : Lisa + Paul

It is great being a Woodstock wedding photographer. This town is full of old parks with lots of trees (and the shade necessary for a mid-day shoot) and some brilliant old Victorian architecture.

I just saw Lisa's picture from their honeymoon in Italy and that reminded me that I hadn't yet posted these picture from their engagement session.


05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage1-107.jpg05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage1-143.jpg05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage1-15.jpg05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage2-40.jpg 05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage2-194.jpg 05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage2-279.jpg 05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage2-343.jpg 05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage2-389.jpg 05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage1-151.jpg05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage2-271.jpg

London Wedding : Colleen + Dave

Our good friend (and former summer camp nurse), Colleen, got married at the Idlewyld Inn on the first of May. It was really nice to get to meet Dave after hearing about him for so long!

It was a great spring day (not too hot) and everything was VERY green - a great backdrop for wedding photos.

What do you think? Let me know your favourite picture in the comments.

I must say, I really enjoyed the Idlewyld and the back courtyard was a great place for a small wedding. Thanks for having us over, Christine!

Rural Woodstock Engagement Photoshoot - Meagan & Scott

Meagan & Scott invited me out to Meagan's family farm outside of Woodstock for fall engagement photo shoot.  It was a beautiful day and I always love a change to get back to a farm - such an important influence on my life. Meagan's dad is a long-time family friend (although I didn't meet her until last year) so that added another really nice element to the shoot.   I hope you enjoy them!

If you have an idea for a non-traditional photoshoot for your wedding, engagement or family photo, please contact me.  That is the stuff that I LOVE to do.  Travis: 519.532.7366 Enjoy the pictures!a couple walks through a cornfield outside of Woodstock, Ontario.

a young couple kissing on a country lane outside of Woodstock,  Ontario. This is their engagement photoshoot.

A young couple having their picture taken for their wedding engagement. Walking through a cornfield outside of Woodstock, Ontario. Pictures by Subtlevox Photography by Travis Allison

A young couple having their picture taken for their wedding engagement. Walking through a cornfield outside of Woodstock, Ontario. Pictures by Subtlevox Photography by Travis Allison

A young couple having their picture taken for their wedding engagement, inside an old barn, outside of Woodstock, Ontario. Pictures by Subtlevox Photography by Travis Allison

A silhouette of a young couple kissing in an old barn for their wedding engagement, outside of Woodstock, Ontario. Pictures by Subtlevox Photography by Travis Allison

Alicia and Conor's "Day After" Shoot

This afternoon of shooting was great fun (as always with Alicia and Conor). We drove out to the camp of a friend of ours' near London and shot around this great old mansion that is the centre piece of the property. Alicia was brave out there in her strapless dress... after doing a 15 km run in the morning.

IndigoConorReWed-19.jpg IndigoConorReWed-32.jpgIndigoConorReWed-99.jpgIndigoConorReWed-109.jpg IndigoConorReWed-139.jpg IndigoConorReWed-140.jpgIndigoConorReWed-146.jpgIndigoConorReWed-183.jpg IndigoConorReWed-203.jpg IndigoConorReWed-256.jpg IndigoConorReWed-266.jpg IndigoConorReWed-279.jpgIndigoConorReWed-304.jpg IndigoConorReWed-359.jpg