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Handbags for Hospice - Sakura House Fundraiser

Congratulations to VON Sakura House (our local Woodstock palliative care hospice) for a great fundraiser - Handbags for Hospice. It was a great night!

The fundraiser was a silent and live auction of a couple hundred purses - new/used, local and celebrity owned with some great deserts and a candy table. Everybody had a really fun night and they raised $42 000 for a wonderful cause.

21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-35.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-115.jpg21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-11.jpg21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-204.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-22.jpg21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-209.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-245.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-251.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-260.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-268.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-273.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-312.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-330.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-7.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-13.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-39.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-76.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-156.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-250.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-307.jpg

Congratulations to all of the women of the committee!21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-336.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-16.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-31.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-320.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice3-77.jpg

The winners of the biggest (and most exciting) live auction item of the night: dinner cooked by the firefighters, a hot airplane ride, and wine, steaks and shrimp from the Dickens.


If you would like to make a donation to Sakura House follow the link.

Mona Lisa Curse

I've been a bad blogger... thankfully, it is because I have been so busy. I've got at least a half a dozen blog posts in a folder on my desk called "BlogThis".

It has been a great August, after a slow June and July (I had back surgery) with some amazing couples and a few photo shoots at camps. As I worked on sorting pictures this morning for a magazine shoot I watched/listened to this awesome documentary on YouTube: Mona Lisa Curse (watch the first section below).

I have loved art for my whole life. This movie was awesome.

My Inspirations: Mark Robert Halper - Celebrities and Personalities

Mark Robert Halper is a photographer that I have got to know through his great interviews on The Lightsource (a great podcast about lighting for portraits). He has been really open about how he makes his pictures and his DIY ethic. He's a pro who is excited to make use of the cheap Home Depot solutions to his lighting needs.

This morning was the first time that I have spent any time on his website. He is well-rounded, creative and truly inspiring. He's the sort of photographer that I go to when I start to think that portraits can't be creative enough to keep me enthusiastic.

Thank you MRH.


Michael Sadler by Mark Robert Halper

[From Mark Robert Halper - Celebrities and Personalities Photographer in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA Angeles and Orange County, California]