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SOD: Man of Constant Sorrow

Song of the Day: Man of Constant Sorrow - Dan Tyminski (from the soundtrack to O Brother Where Art Thou?)

I am a man of constant sorrow


I've seen trouble all my day.

I bid farewell to old Kentucky

The place where I was born and raised.

(The place where he was born and raised)

For six long years I've been in trouble

No pleasures here on earth I found

For in this world I'm bound to ramble

I have no friends to help me now.

(image courtesy of the Dan Tyminski Band website)

SOD: When People Go


Song of the Day: When People Go - Craig Cardiff

goodnight, go home.

there's nothing more to see.

just a song and a box,

no more need to cry.

please find a friend, have a drink and go home.

take them into your heart.

tell them how much you need them.

go to bed

and goodnight, go home.

Craig played at camp last for the midsummer Inservice for the staff. Fylljah and Abrigo got to open for him.






SOD: As Long As You Love Me

Song of the Day: As Long As You Love Me - The Backstreet Boys

I don't care who you are
Where you're from
What you did
As long as you love me
Who you are
Where you're from
Don't care what you did
As long as you love me

Oh my weird little brain... where do you come up with these things.

Here's the video in case you're interested: (embedding is forbidden. It is always a good idea to treat your fans like criminals)

SOD: Springtime...

Song of the Day: Springtime for Hitler - Mel Brooks & Thomas Meehan [The Producers musical]

Look, it's springtime
Winter for Poland and France
Springtime for Hitler and Germany!
Springtime! Springtime!
Springtime! Springtime!
Springtime! Springtime!
Springtime! Springtime!

Oh the things that my brain absorbs...