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Donny Osmond in Woodstock

I was working this morning for Heart FM, one of our local Woodstock radio stations, shooting the Jon and Liz Show with special guest... Donny Osmond.

It was a really funny morning and Donny was such a great host to the 5 winners who got to have breakfast with him.

I also want to thank the Holiday Inn Express for being great hosts and East Side Marios Woodstock for a brillant breakfast.

Handbags for Hospice - Sakura House Fundraiser

Congratulations to VON Sakura House (our local Woodstock palliative care hospice) for a great fundraiser - Handbags for Hospice. It was a great night!

The fundraiser was a silent and live auction of a couple hundred purses - new/used, local and celebrity owned with some great deserts and a candy table. Everybody had a really fun night and they raised $42 000 for a wonderful cause.

21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-35.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-115.jpg21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-11.jpg21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-204.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-22.jpg21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-209.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-245.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-251.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-260.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-268.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-273.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-312.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-330.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-7.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-13.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-39.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-76.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-156.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-250.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-307.jpg

Congratulations to all of the women of the committee!21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-336.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-16.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-31.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-320.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice3-77.jpg

The winners of the biggest (and most exciting) live auction item of the night: dinner cooked by the firefighters, a hot airplane ride, and wine, steaks and shrimp from the Dickens.


If you would like to make a donation to Sakura House follow the link.

London, UK Wedding: Joanna + Phil

This past fall Beth and I travelled to the UK to shoot Joanna and Phil's wedding in Shenfield, Essex. It's hard to believe that a wedding could change your life but it certainly developed our passion to become London England wedding photographers! This was my first trip to England and I loved everything about it:

  • super friendly people
  • great curry
  • nice small towns like Shenfield and Billericay
  • train travel
  • the architecture
  • the wonderful cosmopolitan-ness of London (most of the people we saw in the city were not Anglos)

Joanna and Phil were such gracious hosts to us and we really look forward to going back to visit them for longer!30-09-10_Joanna-Phil-Wed1-24.jpg30-09-10_Joanna-Phil-Wed1.jpg

30-09-10_Joanna-Phil-Wed1-13.jpg30-09-10_Joanna-Phil-Wed1-26.jpgEngland beside Canada on the bookshelf!  A match made in heaven.30-09-10_Joanna-Phil-Wed1-33.jpg30-09-10_Joanna-Phil-Wed1-94.jpg30-09-10_Joanna-Phil-Wed1-100.jpg02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-6.jpg02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-110.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-143.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-260.jpg02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-283.jpg


Joanna's Canadian moose.


02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-366.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-483.jpg

Phil and his best mate Chris in the church yard.

02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-527.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-560.jpg02-10-10_JoannaPhil2-571.jpg02-10-10_JoannaPhil3.jpg

The first recorded wedding in this church took place in 1536. I don't have a lot of pictures of the inside during the ceremony because of a church policy but it was beautiful.

02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-77.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-108.jpg02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-128.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-158.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-169.jpg02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-322.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-354.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-386.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-417.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-419.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-433.jpg 02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-509.jpg

The wedding reception took place in this cool old orphanage dining hall called Poplar Hall.02-10-10_JoannaPhil3-517.jpg02-10-10_JoannaPhil4-161.jpg

First Dance:


Toronto Wedding: Liza + Andrew

It was a rainy day in pizza-ville...

It was, but it was still great day for Liza & Andrew's wedding at the Gardiner Museum. I had a great time being a Toronto Wedding photographer for the day. When you shoot the wedding of two architects you spend the day around cool buildings. I was in heaven.

Letter-pressed and stamped invitations made by hand:

a beautiful wedding invitation shot by Toronto Wedding Photographer Travis Allison

First stop Liza's parents for getting ready pictures. Liza and the bridesmaids did their own flowers and the make up was done by Al Fortier from A List Beauty.

a beautiful bride's makeup by Toronto Wedding Photographer Travis Allison a palette of makeup set up for a bride The father of the bride holds a small dog while the bride is getting her make up done The mother of the bride gets her bracelet done up by one of the bridesmaids a beautiful wedding dress hangs in a window surrounded by Christmas decorations beautiful black bridal shoes outside with boughs and red Christmas balls A large engagement ring hangs from a pine bough above a red Christmas ball A beautiful bride poses by a brick wall in her dress and white mink shawl a black and white full-length picture of a beautiful bride in her long dress and white mink shawl a bridesmaid poses outside in winter in her beautiful black dress and fuchsia shawl a bridesmaid at a wedding poses outdoors in her fuchsia shawl and black dress a bride and her sister, the maid of honour, pose with their heads together in a backyard in Toronto

Second stop (after a little short moment of the small towners getting turned around in the big city...) Hart House at U of T - an amazing space to shoot!

A bride and groom pose together in a window of the University of Toronto's Hart House A bride and groom pose together in a window of the University of Toronto's Hart House A bride and groom pose together in a stairwell of the University of Toronto's Hart House A bride and groom pose together in a stairway under a light at the University of Toronto's Hart House A bride leans against the rail of a stairway at the University of Toronto's Hart House A bride and groom pose together in front of a fireplace at the University of Toronto's Hart House A wedding party with bride and groom pose in front of a fireplace at the University of Toronto's Hart House Handsome best-man in front of a fireplace at the University of Toronto's Hart House  a handsome groomsman in front of the fireplace at the University of Toronto's Hart House a groom smiles while standing in front of the fireplace at the University of Toronto's Hart House The bride, groom and their bridal party pose on chairs at the end of the fireplace room at the University of Toronto's Hart House A groom, leaning on a grand piano, and groomsmen pose together in a window of the University of Toronto's Hart House

And lastly the Gardiner ceramic museum for the ceremony and food.  The ceremony was held in (and catered by) the Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner Cafe. The food was brilliant!  The turtle tarts put me in chocolate heaven.

The groom, surrounded by his groomsmen and holding his daughter, watch the bride coming down the aisle at Jamie Kennedy's Gardiner Café The bride and her parents come down the aisle during an evening wedding at Jamie Kennedy's Gardiner Café The bride and groom exchange their vows in front of a Christmas tree in this evening wedding at  Jamie Kennedy's Gardiner Café The groom wells up during the exchange of bridal vows at Jamie Kennedy's Gardiner Café a bride and groom stand in front of a giant Christmas tree exchanging their vows in Jamie Kennedy's Gardiner Café the bride and groom have their first kiss in front of a giant Christmas tree in Jamie Kennedy's Gardiner Café The bride and groom have their first kiss in front of a Christmas tree in this evening wedding at Jamie Kennedy's Gardiner Café

The ever beautiful Allison - her wedding was the first professional wedding I ever shot and some of those pictures are still on my business cards to this day. Allison and Ian are getting ready for baby #2!

former Subtlevox photography bride, Allison, at the evening wedding at the Gardiner Museum

The groom's grandfather after asking the blessing for the meal at the Gardiner Museum The groom poses with friends at an evening wedding at Jamie Kennedy's Gardiner Café the groom's siblings gave them at road trip care page during their wedding speech at Jamie Kennedy's Gardiner Café a smiling bride and groom laughing at speeches at Jamie Kennedy's Gardiner Café the groom's sister holds up his Cub Scout shirt covered in badges at Jamie Kennedy's Gardiner Café The bride and groom's first dance at their wedding at the Gardiner museum The bride and groom dancing in front of their wedding guests at Jamie Kennedy's Gardiner Café a little girl in a pink dress dances with her parents in Jamie Kennedy's Gardiner Café

Thanks to Liza and Andrew (and wee Maeve) for a wonderful wedding.

Vivian Maier - Why Photography is Amazing - Part: 1,000,000

Vivian Maier was a Chicago nanny who was obsessed with street photography. Around the time of her death a Chicago real estate agent bought some boxes of her negatives and unprocessed films and discovered the most wonderful thing. Vivian was BRILLIANT.

This is such a great story.

John Maloof, the man who found the films has posted a KickStarter project to get some help to get a documentary made of Vivian's photos. You can support it here (even $10 would help).

Muskoka Wedding: Terri + Neil

On the Labour Day long weekend this year we got to be Muskoka wedding photographers! Returning to one of our favourite places on earth, the children's summer camp at Cairn, we were treated to an amazing wedding with Terri and Neil.

Terri and Neil met teaching English in Korea and they both have family from all over the world. They invited everyone up north for a Muskoka retreat on their wedding weekend.

Although the weather was a bit tricky (it was kind of cold and rainy) it cleared up at just the right time. With a nod to both of their families' backgrounds they had Hindu, Presbyterian and Korean marriage ceremony's.

Grab a coffee and get comfortable - here is Terri and Neil's Weddings

04-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-77.jpg 04-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-147.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-78.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-110.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-149.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-321.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-348.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-404.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-415.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-443.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-550.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-561.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-626.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-677.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-693.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-698.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-708.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-760.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-799.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-802.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-854.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-885.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-922.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-940.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-1250.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-1291.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-1308.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-1368.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-1370.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-1388.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-1395.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-1435.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed2-4.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed2-33.jpg05-09-10_TerriNeilWed2-27.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed2-58.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed2-82.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed2-101.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed2-132.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed2-150.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed2-160.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed2-206.jpg05-09-10_TerriNeilWed2-224.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed2-330.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed2-347.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed2-365.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed2-383.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed2-399.jpg05-09-10_TerriNeilWed1-1478.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed3-283.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed3-284.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed3-316.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed3-355.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed3-365.jpg 05-09-10_TerriNeilWed3-386.jpg
The cake was beautiful and make by Joanne Tran from Sweet Definition - you should definitely hire Joanne, she's awesome.  Here's Joanne and her husband Deepak:

Thank you so much to the other folks involved in putting together such a great Muskoka wedding:

  • Music: Where It's At Productions
  • Make up: Stephanie Breslin
  • Accommodation and "getting ready" space: Burton's Bed and Breakfast

Learn Photography with National Geographic

I offer all of my clients a free photography lesson (and I could do a better job of advertising it). Come to see me in Woodstock and I can help you with:

  • proper camera setup (if it's a point & shoot or a DSLR)
  • how to "frame" a picture so that it has the most impact
  • the one setting on your camera that will give you the most control over your pictures
  • when to use your phone's camera
  • some advice on what lenses to buy first, which camera is best for your needs and when to use your flash

If you are not yet a client and would like some amazing advice check out this great video from the photo editors at National Geographic:

The Magic Kingdom

Beth and I just got back from a wonderful trip to London England to shoot a wedding. It was a beautiful trip and we felt completely at home over there. It was a brilliant mix of city and country with the wedding in a church in Shenfield who's first recorded wedding was in 1536. In the second half of the trip we went into London proper and fit as much touristy things as we could into 2 1/2 days.

It was an amazing adventure.   

Pictures from Joanna & Phil's wedding will be posted here soon but I thought I'd put up some of our more touristy shots.   

I had a funny "old" experience when I got home. I was excited to take my film camera - the Lomo - with me and had that old experience of dropping of the film and having to wait a day to see what my pictures would look like. It was fun!

Arriving at Gatwick.


Red-eye flying, apparently, gives me the wavey-est hair.


This was in Hyde Park, near Kensington Palace. Part of the park's Diana Memorial, it's an old tree trunk that has been carved with elves and birds. From a distance I thought it was a parrot cage.


A "Diana" figure for the girls of this school.


St. Paul's Cathedral.

04-10-10_London-Trip6-53.jpg 04-10-10_London-Trip6-55.jpg 04-10-10_London-Trip6-66.jpg

The London Eye was a definitely a highlight for us. Here's Beth looking West toward Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

04-10-10_London-Trip6-182.jpg 04-10-10_London-Trip6-191.jpg 04-10-10_London-Trip6-195.jpg 04-10-10_London-Trip6-240.jpg

Merchant Mariner war memorial across from the London Tower.


The rest of these shots are from the Lomo.

08-10-10_London-Trip5-44.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-51.jpg

"Look kids: Big Ben, Parliament..."

08-10-10_London-Trip5-62.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-66.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-68.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-71.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-73.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-75.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-82.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-86.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-88.jpg 08-10-10_London-Trip5-93.jpg

Have you been to London? What was your favourite part?