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... it's worth a shot.

Alicia and Conor's "Day After" Shoot

This afternoon of shooting was great fun (as always with Alicia and Conor). We drove out to the camp of a friend of ours' near London and shot around this great old mansion that is the centre piece of the property. Alicia was brave out there in her strapless dress... after doing a 15 km run in the morning.

IndigoConorReWed-19.jpg IndigoConorReWed-32.jpgIndigoConorReWed-99.jpgIndigoConorReWed-109.jpg IndigoConorReWed-139.jpg IndigoConorReWed-140.jpgIndigoConorReWed-146.jpgIndigoConorReWed-183.jpg IndigoConorReWed-203.jpg IndigoConorReWed-256.jpg IndigoConorReWed-266.jpg IndigoConorReWed-279.jpgIndigoConorReWed-304.jpg IndigoConorReWed-359.jpg      

Alicia & Conor's Wedding

I am so happy to finally put up some pictures of Alicia and Conor's November wedding at the Queen's Landing on Niagara-on-the-Lake.   As I said before Alicia is an old friend and canoe-tripping buddy of mine and it was amazing that we were able to be at her beautiful day. If you look closely you'll see some familiar faces in the shots!

Maybe the easiest way to see the pictures is through the video.

[gallery link="file"]

Vendors -  Some of the other folks involved in making this wedding so amazing:

Flower Design - Pauline Vanderkuip from My Bouquet Floral Design

Officiant - Rev. Derek Rymarchuk from Abba Ministries of Canada

On a personal note...

Thank you all for your patience - I am starting to feel much better these days.   Very happy to pick up a camera again!