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... it's worth a shot.

Elizabeth and Rebecca - Party of 2

I was in the Orangeville / Collingwood area last month for an awesome photoshoot with Elizabeth and Rebecca.  They hired me to come do a Party of X style shoot on Rebecca's farm - you know how much I love farms! Both Elizabeth and Rebecca run CSA's (consumer supported agriculture) on their respective farms. CSA's enable buyers to purchase a share of the weekly vegetables from a local family farm.

I loved shooting at Rebecca's place because a) they milk goats - lots of goats, and b) her father is a master dry-stone mason and they have all of these beautiful walls and a dry-stone, Scottish Highlands-style house.

Funny Picture Moment

First... Not My Photo.

Second... I love this picture. Corey "Turbo" Marshall took it when we were doing portraits of the Resource Staff at camp this summer. There are so many things great about it - energy, spontaneity, a true sense of her personality. 08-06_CounsellorHeadshots120.jpg

And a blood_filled_mosquito in front of her eye.


Munn-Venn Family Portraits

Munn-Venn Family Portraits from Travis Jon Allison on Vimeo.

We had an awesome time last weekend at CAIRN's Family Camp! These two boys are hilarious.

Funny Story: I introduced Trefor and Karri to each other about 20 years ago. I brought Tref along to a weekend Presbyterian Young People's Society (PYPS) youth event at Camp Kintail. Karri and I had been campers together for a few years and Trefor had gone to my church, was my next door neighbour and best friend. They hit it off right away. On that Saturday night when Trefor first kissed Karri she fainted.

Karri insists that it was her sun-stroke that made her light-headed but I think that she has stopped protesting quite so loud because it is such a great story.

It is always fun to be around these two and now they have two great sons who are a blast to be around also.


SOD: When People Go


Song of the Day: When People Go - Craig Cardiff

goodnight, go home.

there's nothing more to see.

just a song and a box,

no more need to cry.

please find a friend, have a drink and go home.

take them into your heart.

tell them how much you need them.

go to bed

and goodnight, go home.

Craig played at camp last for the midsummer Inservice for the staff. Fylljah and Abrigo got to open for him.






CAIRN Camp Staff: Training Week 2008

CAIRN Camp Staff: Training Week 2008 from Travis Jon Allison on Vimeo.CAIRN Camp Staff: Training 2008

I produced a video (through our Walking Maverick Productions arm) for CAIRN, Baysville last week.  CAIRN is the camp organization that I used to run with my wife, Beth.  She has carried on as the Executive Director there while kindly moving to Woodstock with me.

While at camp I shot 65 individual portraits of the staff.  Using those and the pictures that others had taken of the week I put together this video for their website so that the campers and parents can have a chance to get to know the people that are looking after them.

Here is a little "behind the pretty pictures" video of how some of the creative portraits were shot:
Subtlevox Photography: Behind the Pretty Pictures from Travis Jon Allison on Vimeo.

Subtlevox Photography: Behind the Pretty Pictures

We were talking to Taps and Match at camp and they are just finishing their first camp session this morning.   It sounds like things are going GREAT!