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Subtlevox Stumps the Swarm - Question 3

Click here for the full set of Rules. This is only question #3. If you haven't been involved in the contest yet you still have a chance to win.

Some Rule Highlights

  • 3 days to post your guesses in the Comments, 3 maximum guesses
  • a correct guess gains you 5 points
  • links on your blog, Facebook,Flickr, email, Myspace, etc. to the reorganized Subtlevox sites get you 1 point each. You must provide documentation in your Comment.

Now it's important to remember that there are bonus points available for showing people some of my links. Because so much of my online presence has been updated there are a ton of new bonus points available.

The Links You Can Use

/s-u-b-t-l-e-v-o-x-photography-by-travis-jon-allison (Facebook Page)

Creativity Counts in this Contest

The Leaders to this Point are Ron with 19 points, Palais with 12 points and Pako with 11.

There have been lots of points awarded for creativity in the short time this game has been played. My favourites: Palais wrote a recommendation on my Flickr profile [click here], Palais & Pako both made a personal recommendation to someone they knew that was getting married, Ron added Subtlevox to his email signature and a bunch of folks added links to the blog in their Facebook Notes and their Facebook Signatures.

Best of luck on this one!

[UPDATE] The correct answer is headstone in a cemetary.