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Subtlevox Stumps the Swarm

Why throw out those fuzzy experimental pictures?  Why not start a Challenge? Subtlevox Stumps the Swarm #1

What Is It?

The Rules:

  • I will post a picture or part of a picture.
  • I will post 10 in the month of February (+ this bonus picture posted on the 2nd last day in Jan).
  • People will be given 3 days (36 hours from posting) to post their best guess in the Comments below the picture.
  • Everyone is allowed 3 total guesses per picture.
  • All answers will be tallied and the on-going Top 3 Scores will accompany each new picture.
  • Each correct guess will add 5 to your score.
  • If no one has guessed correctly in 48 hours I will post a 2nd picture in which the object is a little more obvious.
  • Winner will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to the restaurant of their choice.  The only limit is that I must be able to purchase a gift certificate online.
  • Contest open to everyone except Beth, whom I look forward to taking out for a special dinner anyway and whom I am hoping will help me judge the answers.
  • Anyone who is a Fan or becomes a Fan of Subtlevox Photography on Facebook ( will have 2 points added to their score.
  • Anyone who posts a link to Subtlevox Stumps the Swarm [permalink: /s-u-b-t-l-e-v-o-x-photography-by-travis-jon-allison/subtlevox-stumps-the-swarm ] and/or Subtlevox Photography [] (on their blog, Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, etc) and includes the link in their guess... will have 1 point added to their score.  That's 1-point-per-web-service-per-link.
  • HINT:   you may wish to hold off on your 3rd and final guess to see if I post a picture that makes things more obvious.


  1. Just in case rules aren't clear... and, who's kidding who - they're not clear... You can get 1 credit for every link you make to this contest... AND one for everylink you make to   Some people are doubling up on the bonus points here and taking a significant lead.
  2. Thanks to those who are just putting up the links because they're great people.  We want to show you some love!  Let us know in the comments where your links are.  Please?