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Subtlevox & Canadian Singer Songwriter Craig Cardiff

Craig Cardiff's Campfire Tour I was excited to have Canadian Singer-Songwriter Craig Cardiff use one of my shots to promote his Campfire Tour this summer. Craig is a great marketer and he does some really ingenious things to promote his work- see on his website > Performances > House Concerts. In the summer he travels around to camps and performs for staff and campers.

Craig at Cairn

Last year was the first time that Craig had been at Cairn and we are sorry we ever waited so long. On one of the hottest nights of the year he gave our staff of 70 a night that everyone still talks about. If you ever get a chance to see Craig when he is touring he does amazing things with a sampler. He records himself as he goes and uses the recordings to fill in the rhythm and sometimes even the harmonies. It's awesome.

Major Modern Marketing

I think it is such a brilliant idea to go directly to a place where student's live and work and bring your music to them. In the upheaval of the modern music industry Craig is applying some brilliant original thinking. Because camp people are so outgoing and confident they are excellent influencers of others.