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Spencer Blake Music

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? I was super-excited to spend the morning on Saturday shooting some promo pictures for our youngest son Spencer. He is working this year on getting out there as a musician and I have been doing what I can to help with promotion.

All bias aside... he's brilliant. You can listen to some of the music that Spencer has written on his Facebook Fan Page:

We were lucky to have some good weather and got to shoot in Woodstock and out at my Grandfather's place in Innerkip. He still has a small hobby barn on his property and it seemed like a perfect setting for us to shoot with my brother-in-law, Mike's, great old VW van.

SpencerMusic-23.jpgSpencerMusic-301.jpg SpencerMusic-125.jpgSpencerMusic-142.jpg  SpencerMusic-263.jpgSpencerMusic-210.jpg

A couple of pictures of Spencer's girlfriend Stephanie as the assistant. She held the lights for me while Beth was doing all of the running around adjusting flash power and zoom.

Gotta have some shade:


Sometimes there is just no room for a flash stand...     SpencerMusic-178.jpg