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Natalie & Ryan's Wedding at The Elm Hurst

Thank you so much to Natalie and Ryan for an amazing day at the Elm Hurst in Ingersoll. I wish it hadn't rained but it turned out that we had a little slice of time for some outside pictures. It is a great location for a wedding.

Natalie and Ryan are a super couple and it was a real pleasure to spend the day at their wedding.

NatalieRyanWed-31.jpg NatalieRyanWed-91.jpgNatalieRyanWed-226.jpg NatalieRyanWed-272.jpg NatalieRyanWed-280.jpg NatalieRyanWed-287.jpg NatalieRyanWed-414.jpg  NatalieRyanWed-434.jpg NatalieRyanWed-800.jpgNatalieRyanWed-486.jpg NatalieRyanWed-852.jpgNatalieRyanWed-890.jpg

NatalieRyanWed-1105.jpg NatalieRyanWed-1273.jpg NatalieRyanWed-1335.jpg NatalieRyanWed-1388.jpg NatalieRyanWed-1431.jpgNatalieRyanWed-1560.jpgNatalieRyanWed-1693.jpgNatalieRyanWed-1745.jpg

Erin from The Elm Hurst is a great host for weddings and I know that Natalie and Ryan were really pleased with the service.   

I must also say thank you to Amy & Michael for recommending me!NatalieRyanWed-1780.jpg