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Mix CD - allergy season

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It's fun to welcome Plinko into our CD Mixters group this month. She's joining David in putting out her mixes in June & December.

Our CD Mixters group is 12 people who each put out a mix CD 6 months apart. So Ra & I are March & September, Plinko & David are June/December, others are Jan./July, etc. This means that every month we each get two mix CDs in our mailbox. It is pretty great. I've been doing with two of the guys in the group for about 8 years now. My "Mixus" CD shelf has more than 100 CDs in it.

A couple of things of note from my allergy season disk:

  • Mike Evin is from Hali and he's awesome. He's got some great tunes on his Music page that you can download for free. Definitely grab "We Should Dance". It's amazing.
  • We first heard Mike when he opened for Craig Cardiff at the Bomber at U. Waterloo. Craig is another performer that we LOVE. He's played at camp for the staff at camp a couple of times and he's always a hit. If you click through to his page you can hear "When People Go". You can also see a typical picture of Craig. I've taken hundred's of pictures of him in performances and i think I have a half dozen of him with his eyes open.
  • "Everyone's a Hero" by Nathan Fillion. Yes, that (and that, and that) Canadian Nathan Fillion. Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog was an amazing summer internet-only show put on by the folks who gave us Buffy and Firefly. It's not available on the 'net right now... maybe if you search the bittorrent sites... but it is coming out on DVD. It will likely be in the video stores soon. I have never seen a better musical about a super villain. Ever.
  • K'naan - I wish somebody had told me about this CD when it dropped. It is my favourite kind of hip hop - purposeful, heavy beats, socially conscious, and with really creative instrumentation. K'naan (Myspace with his music) moved to Canada from Somolia in the early nineties and he's got a world of experience that not many others can match. When I can find it I think that African based hip hop has something that moves me every time.