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London Family Portraits: Venn Family

Last month I joined the Venn's for a London family portrait session. The best possible pictures always come out when family has something fun to do, they relax and forget about me. For this day everyone was celebrating one of the boys birthday's at Fleetway Bowling and so there were some great pictures that came out of all of the fun.

06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-121.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-166.jpg
06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-174.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-200.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-204.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-218.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-236.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-239.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-251.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-263.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-264.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-313.jpg06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-284.jpg
Not one of the best pictures in the bunch but I thought it was really cool that the laser light happened to highlight the bowling ball.
06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-316.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-318.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-340.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-449.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-460.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-462.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-465.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-476.jpg
Recognize these folks? The first time they appeared in this blog was from their Muskoka family portrait session.
06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-485.jpg 06-11-10_VennsFoggyKnightsbridgePark5-9.jpg
The Venn family is involved in some very cool things. Check them out: