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Woodstock Engagement : Lisa + Paul

It is great being a Woodstock wedding photographer. This town is full of old parks with lots of trees (and the shade necessary for a mid-day shoot) and some brilliant old Victorian architecture.

I just saw Lisa's picture from their honeymoon in Italy and that reminded me that I hadn't yet posted these picture from their engagement session.


05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage1-107.jpg05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage1-143.jpg05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage1-15.jpg05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage2-40.jpg 05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage2-194.jpg 05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage2-279.jpg 05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage2-343.jpg 05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage2-389.jpg 05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage1-151.jpg05-06-10_LisaPaulEngage2-271.jpg