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Krista & Craig's Wedding

Krista & Craig had a great wedding on the last weekend in August. I think I enjoyed it even more because the getting-ready and reception was on Krista's family farm and that always appeals to the farm boy in me. Someone's hat and a come-along in the drive shed.


Can you imagine your wedding tent set up inside a field of sunflowers?!? Such an amazing idea.


All of the place markers were made out of barn board.


Krista made all of her own jewelry... and her bridesmaids'.

08-08_DuynisveldHulsofWedding044.jpg08-08_DuynisveldHulsofWedding057.jpg08-08_DuynisveldHulsofWedding090.jpg 08-08_DuynisveldHulsofWedding128.jpg

Krista & her sister Janice



Craig had his dad's Le Mans for the day. We were encouraging to drop a brake stand outside the church but ... he chose not to. Probably wise.


08-08_DuynisveldHulsofWedding450.jpg08-08_DuynisveldHulsofWedding523.jpg 08-08_DuynisveldHulsofWedding579.jpg

Craig and his sister Tricia.

08-08_DuynisveldHulsofWedding604.jpg08-08_DuynisveldHulsofWedding619.jpg 08-08_DuynisveldHulsofWedding1088.jpg