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... it's worth a shot.

Jennifer, Andrew, Declan & Scott

In the week after Thanksgiving I was lucky to spend a wonderful afternoon with Andrew & Jennifer and their sons Declan & Scott at a park here in Woodstock. With great weather and perfect fall colours we had an amazing (and fun) shoot. It was great for me to be able to break out some of my old camp director tools and play around.

Some highlights:AndJenDecSco2008-1.jpg AndJenDecSco2008-2.jpg AndJenDecSco2008-3.jpg AndJenDecSco2008-4.jpg AndJenDecSco2008-5.jpg AndJenDecSco2008-6.jpg AndJenDecSco2008-7.jpg AndJenDecSco2008-8.jpg AndJenDecSco2008-9.jpg AndJenDecSco2008-10.jpg AndJenDecSco2008-12.jpg AndJenDecSco2008-13.jpg AndJenDecSco2008-14.jpg AndJenDecSco2008-15.jpg AndJenDecSco2008-16.jpg AndJenDecSco2008-11.jpg