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Hannah & Her Family II

If you are a long-time blog reader (thank you to those who are!) then you will remember that I shot Hannah when she was just a couple of weeks old. It is an honour, as a photographer, when you get asked to keep shooting for a family and can build a great long-term portfolio, especially of a new born.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Hannah Six Months Later: 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-51.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-55.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-70.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-86.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-145.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-189.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-226.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-271.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-283.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-295.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-311.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-351.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-374.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-392.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-470.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-480.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-485.jpg