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Handbags for Hospice - Sakura House Fundraiser

Congratulations to VON Sakura House (our local Woodstock palliative care hospice) for a great fundraiser - Handbags for Hospice. It was a great night!

The fundraiser was a silent and live auction of a couple hundred purses - new/used, local and celebrity owned with some great deserts and a candy table. Everybody had a really fun night and they raised $42 000 for a wonderful cause.

21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-35.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-115.jpg21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-11.jpg21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-204.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-22.jpg21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-209.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-245.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-251.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-260.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-268.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-273.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-312.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice4-330.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-7.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-13.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-39.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-76.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-156.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-250.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-307.jpg

Congratulations to all of the women of the committee!21-01-11_HandbagsHospice5-336.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-16.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-31.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice6-320.jpg 21-01-11_HandbagsHospice3-77.jpg

The winners of the biggest (and most exciting) live auction item of the night: dinner cooked by the firefighters, a hot airplane ride, and wine, steaks and shrimp from the Dickens.


If you would like to make a donation to Sakura House follow the link.