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Gratitude Journal... and other things new for 2008

At camp we, the staff, take time every day to write in a journal. We write (or in my case - I wrote) 5 Things That We Are Thankful For, 3 Things I Am Proud of For Today and 2 Goals For the Next 24 Hours. Usually, we call these our Gratitude Journal - [thanks Oprah] My 31/12/07 Gratitude Journal:

Thankful For:

1. Fae and all of her support of my crazy dreams 2. such great step-sons that are so fun to be around 3. my clients who have made this transition from part-time to full-time photography such an easy choice 4. our family and friends who have made it so comfortable to fit in to our new hometown 5. my sources of strength: who have enabled me to accomplish all of this despite living with chronic pain

I'm Proud Of:

1. hanging out my shingle and committing to doing this thing that I love 2. everything that I accomplished in my 14 years as a camp director. 3. our great new place in Woodstock


1. get back in better shape - pain or no 2. shoot some amazing people 3. make this "living my dream" thing continue to work and get better 4. redo my website to help me "let my awesome out" - (Thanks Ze) 5. write a regular Gratitude Journal. Will likely be on Twitter and signified with a precursor - "GT:"

Other new things for 2008:

* following the philosophy of Tim Ferriss' AWESOME book Four Hour Work Week: I'm going to try to let my work do it's earning on it own. I'm going to put my pictures out there and let them make make money. I am committing to post pictures to Stock Photography sites and be diligent about it. * I'm working with 3 other Canadian photographers (it helps that the other two are also designers and web-ninjas) on creating a website for picture hounds - amateur, pro-am & pro. It's going to have great how-to's, product reviews, interviews with Canadian Photogs and links to cool photo stuff around the web. Don't worry _You_Will_Be_Notified_by_RSS.

CALL TO ACTION: C'mon All You Campy Bloggers (and other bloggers) Out There: Write your 2007 Gratitude Journal and Post it on your blog. If you'd put a link to it in the Comments here I'd be terribly grateful!