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Mom and I went to visit my 91 year old Grandmother in her nursing home today. She's had Alzheimer's Disease for quite a while now - who knows when these things start.

She was having a particularly good day today. I took her pictures to see on my computer - that always blows her mind a little... She's still really drawn to children and babies so I always give her a quick show of my favourite kids from this year. Thank you to my clients whose kids gave my Grandma a little cheer today!

Mom brought Grandma a narcissus plant in a box that we could work on for a little while with her. She always loved to garden. We all find that it's easiest to visit with Grandma with something to do - she seems to get less confused that way. Most often we play crokinole (huzzah to the folks in Tavistock, ON who invented the game!) and she can still consistently get the "ringer"s.

Merry Christmas Grandma!

08-12_GrandmaAllison007.jpg 08-12_GrandmaAllison019.jpg 08-12_GrandmaAllison020.jpg 08-12_GrandmaAllison022.jpg 08-12_GrandmaAllison034.jpg 08-12_GrandmaAllison036.jpg 08-12_GrandmaAllison040.jpg  

She's saying something "smart" to me here... she's never lost her sense of humour.