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... it's worth a shot.

Clayton, Kinlee, Dave & Marnie

I love looking at these pictures on this cold and wet November day and remembering what a beautiful day it was in Sloane Park here in Woodstock when I shot Dave & Marnie and their kids Kinlee and Clay.

This will warm you up:


MarnDavClaKin2008-2.jpg MarnDavClaKin2008-3.jpg MarnDavClaKin2008-4.jpg MarnDavClaKin2008-5.jpg MarnDavClaKin2008-6.jpg MarnDavClaKin2008-7.jpg MarnDavClaKin2008-8.jpg MarnDavClaKin2008-9.jpg MarnDavClaKin2008-10.jpg