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Chase Jarvis has got Whuffie to burn

I posted on my twitter how I thought that David Hobby must have metric buttloads of Whuffie (the currency based on reputation and what you do for the greater good), but I'll tell ya... this Chase Jarvis fella's got to be pretty close. Chase [blog] is the golden one of modern photography, to my mind. He runs big studio, splits his time between Seattle, Paris and location shoots. He must have wicked frequent flyer points. In the middle of all of this he has somebody filming their shoots so he can put it up on his blog and on iTunes for everybody to learn how to do pictures like he does. So awesome.

So Chase & his team meet with the Seattle Strobists (followers of David Hobby's Strobist blog) and ask what he and his staff can do to help them learn more (here's Chase's post about the meeting.).

The result: Chase rented an empty airplane hanger, got a bunch of models and invited them all to come in. Oh, and when they were done Chase threw them a party at his studio. Here's the result:

From Chase:

From the Strobists:

If, after that, you've got some time to burn you've got to see the video of Chase's pictures taken for the Hasselblad Masters. They are STUNNING!