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Arminta and Colin - Cambridge Family Photos

Colin and Arminta asked me to help them celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary with a fun family photoshoot down by the water at Riverbluffs Park in Cambridge. We had such a great morning playing in the park! I think when people ask for family photos they are expecting a picture of them all sitting together. But with a little planning a family photoshoot can actually be entertaining for the kids. I think that it shows in the shots and the kids look like they are having fun and are much more natural.

Angela & Scellig's Muskoka Family Portraits

One weekend this summer, I was a Muskoka portrait photographer - shooting summer camp staff members and a family photoshoot near Utterson (west of Huntsville). We did our best to brave the mosquitos for Angela and Scellig's family pictures and I think we got some great shots outside.  We wrapped up our night with some snacks and a wee dance party when PYT came on the stereo. 

London Family Portraits: Venn Family

Last month I joined the Venn's for a London family portrait session. The best possible pictures always come out when family has something fun to do, they relax and forget about me. For this day everyone was celebrating one of the boys birthday's at Fleetway Bowling and so there were some great pictures that came out of all of the fun.

06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-121.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-166.jpg
06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-174.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-200.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-204.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-218.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-236.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-239.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-251.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-263.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-264.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-313.jpg06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-284.jpg
Not one of the best pictures in the bunch but I thought it was really cool that the laser light happened to highlight the bowling ball.
06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-316.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-318.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-340.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-449.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-460.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-462.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-465.jpg 06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-476.jpg
Recognize these folks? The first time they appeared in this blog was from their Muskoka family portrait session.
06-11-10_CanoeDrBonnettVenns4-485.jpg 06-11-10_VennsFoggyKnightsbridgePark5-9.jpg
The Venn family is involved in some very cool things. Check them out:

Hannah & Her Family II

If you are a long-time blog reader (thank you to those who are!) then you will remember that I shot Hannah when she was just a couple of weeks old. It is an honour, as a photographer, when you get asked to keep shooting for a family and can build a great long-term portfolio, especially of a new born.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Hannah Six Months Later: 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-51.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-55.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-70.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-86.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-145.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-189.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-226.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-271.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-283.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-295.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-311.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-351.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-374.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-392.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-470.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-480.jpg 24-10-10_NelsonFamily3-485.jpg

Learn Photography with National Geographic

I offer all of my clients a free photography lesson (and I could do a better job of advertising it). Come to see me in Woodstock and I can help you with:

  • proper camera setup (if it's a point & shoot or a DSLR)
  • how to "frame" a picture so that it has the most impact
  • the one setting on your camera that will give you the most control over your pictures
  • when to use your phone's camera
  • some advice on what lenses to buy first, which camera is best for your needs and when to use your flash

If you are not yet a client and would like some amazing advice check out this great video from the photo editors at National Geographic:

The Allens at the beach

On a beautiful sunny Sunday Beth and I drove down to Lake Erie to take some pictures with the Allen Family. Megan and Rebecca arranged the photoshoot for their mom and dad's 25th wedding anniversary.

I love ending a photoshoot with homemade food around a table at the cottage. Thanks Allens!

KiwiMagentaFamily-32.jpg KiwiMagentaFamily-42.jpgKiwiMagentaFamily-148.jpg KiwiMagentaFamily-152.jpg KiwiMagentaFamily-170.jpgKiwiMagentaFamily-201.jpg KiwiMagentaFamily-252.jpgKiwiMagentaFamily-272.jpgKiwiMagentaFamily-336.jpgKiwiMagentaFamily-362.jpgKiwiMagentaFamily-391.jpgKiwiMagentaFamily-421.jpgKiwiMagentaFamily-426.jpg           

Ron, Jen, Thompson and Christena

You can't tell it from the photos but it was FREEZING this afternoon at Southside Park in Woodstock. It was great to get to keep taking pictures from Ron & Jen - they were one of my first ever weddings and part of my inspiration to go in to the business. I am so excited for the way these pictures turned out.

Thanks, eh.LFamily09-20.jpgLFamily09-39.jpg

LFamily09-70.jpg LFamily09-110.jpg LFamily09-171.jpgLFamily09-189.jpg LFamily09-244.jpg LFamily09-282.jpgLFamily09-376.jpg LFamily09-500.jpgLFamily09-511.jpg LFamily09-674.jpg