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Camp Ouareau - Director's Portraits

I had an awesome 3 days at Camp Ouareau in St. Donat, QC during their leadership training. It was such a thrill to finally make to Jacqui and Gabz' camp. The were very kind to hire me for 2 days of team building and a day of teaching with Cleo, Oaureau's summer photographer.

Here's Cleo:


Jacqui's Brochure Picture:


And Gabz'

09-06_Ouareau366.jpg 09-06_Ouareau325.jpg

For Camp Director's:

Don't forget that I am offering photography to camps for a day of shooting including headshots and family portraits for year-round staff. You can request a copy of the flyer by emailing me travis [at] or [click here] to download.