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Camp Kintail 2010

I am always excited to go back to Camp Kintail to shoot. This is the second year that I have been there to shoot for a day for their yearly promotional material. It's great for me to get outside and be a summer camp photographer for a day.

I grew up at Kintail, a Presbyterian Church camp outside of Goderich, just like my mom and my grandfather. I was a camper, a Leader in Training, counsellor, Programme Director and Leadership Training Director there and I still feel a strong connection with the place.

Here are some pictures from my day at camp.20-08-10_Kintail3-23.jpg 20-08-10_Kintail3-67.jpg 20-08-10_Kintail3-132.jpg 20-08-10_Kintail3-185.jpg  20-08-10_Kintail3-285.jpg 20-08-10_Kintail3-310.jpg 20-08-10_Kintail3-334.jpg 20-08-10_Kintail3-388.jpg   20-08-10_Kintail3-509.jpg20-08-10_Kintail3-550.jpg 20-08-10_Kintail3-573.jpg 20-08-10_Kintail3-585.jpg 20-08-10_Kintail3-652.jpg 20-08-10_Kintail3-863.jpg 20-08-10_Kintail3-942.jpg 20-08-10_Kintail3-1264.jpg 20-08-10_Kintail3-1297.jpg 20-08-10_Kintail3-1587.jpg 20-08-10_Kintail3-1725.jpg 19-08-10_Kintail3-149.jpg

When I was at the top of the climbing wall (a great new installation from Adventureworks) I got Axis to do a big dyno for me. Little did he know I'd ask him to do it over and over again. Here's a series from those big jumps.20-08-10_Kintail3-499.jpg20-08-10_Kintail3-501.jpg20-08-10_Kintail3-502.jpg20-08-10_Kintail3-503.jpg20-08-10_Kintail3-504.jpg20-08-10_Kintail3-505.jpg