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Better Looking Facebook Links

Facebook What? doesn't represent Subtlevox Photography as well as I'd like. So I have been searching for a better way to notify people about my Page.

I just found something new called Memorable Web Addresses for Profile, Page or Group . If you have a Page for your company, band or club the you can click on Edit Page (top right), scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will see where you can add More Applications. Search for Memorable Web Addresses and there will be an option to add it to your Page.

What Do You Think?

I think

Looks much better than

This same Application can be used to shorten the link to your Group or even your personal page.

Now I'm

instead of

______________________________ Did you find this helpful? Interesting? Out of Place? Let me know in the comments.

I am starting to write some short articles about online marketing for a presentation that I am giving at the International Camping Congress. I'd like to throw them inline with the rest of my blog which isn't entirely about my photography but if it's annoying just let me know and I'll move these posts over to another blog.