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Ashley & Chris' Wedding

Wow, I have had such a busy summer I didn't realize that I had missed posting some things to my blog.

It was an honour to be asked to be the photographer at Ashley & Chris' wedding at the YMCA's Cedar Glen Camp in Nobleton. I LOVE how relaxed and fun a camp wedding can be! We still talk about how awesome it was for us to have everyone around us for the weekend at our camp wedding. HawkinsLaingWedding-1071.jpg HawkinsLaingWedding-812.jpgHawkinsLaingWedding-803.jpg HawkinsLaingWedding-99.jpg HawkinsLaingWedding-148.jpg HawkinsLaingWedding-163.jpg HawkinsLaingWedding-167.jpgHawkinsLaingWedding-222.jpgHawkinsLaingWedding-300.jpg HawkinsLaingWedding-383.jpgHawkinsLaingWedding-450.jpgHawkinsLaingWedding-558.jpg HawkinsLaingWedding-580.jpg HawkinsLaingWedding-611.jpgHawkins-Laing-1375.jpg