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Hi Everybody, I would like you to become a Fan of Subtlevox Photography on Facebook. I know that a bunch of you follow my blog and I thought I'd offer this additional option for those of you glued to the Facebook. I'm at

Some Projects I'm Working On:

  • I'm shooting some portfolio stuff tomorrow on a friend's farm. The pictures will be for Stock Photography and for a proposal I'm submitting on a job for the Ontario Literary Council.
  • I've been taking lots of pictures of homes and interior design for Brenda Currah's design portfolio
  • I've got 4 groups of people awaiting spring to shoot their Grad Portraits (pictures of them at graduation). I offered a chance for 2 groups of people to have their pictures taken for free and I ended up taking 4 groups. If you'd like to see how much work folks did to get a free photography shoot you should see what Squire and her friends did - you can find their presentation here:
  • There are half a dozen Engagement shoots to get on the calendar when the weather turns. For one couple we hope to shoot in an old, converted factory so that should be an amazing opportunity to combine my love of shooting portraits with some great architecture.

Benefits of becoming an official Fan on Facebook:

  • get to see peeks into the background of what is going on with building my business here in Southern Ontario (behind the scenes videos, how-to's, etc)
  • a 10% discount on photography work (graduation pictures for High School or College/University, anniversary shots, family pictures, shots for your club or group, etc.)
  • first chances at getting free pictures taken when I am doing work for my portfolio (if you come and let me take your picture, I'll send you a DVD of the high-rez version of your pictures)

Thanks Everyone!