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Andrew & Amanda's Wedding

I just realized that I had posted these pictures elsewhere and for some reason had forgotten to make a blog post about them.

It was a great treat to be invited to shoot Andrew and Amanda's wedding in La Malbaie, QC this summer. Both Andrew and Amanda have worked as counsellors and senior staff members with us at camp and we were so excited to go to this amazing location near where Andrew's family has a cottage. The beautiful chapel only seats 40 people and is perched on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River. It's pretty significant to his family because the pulpit and stained glass came out of another chapel that Andrew's grandfather built.

MekWylloweWedding-122.jpgMekWylloweWedding-360.jpgMek-WylloweWed-975.jpgMek-WylloweWed-1091.jpg Mek-WylloweWed-1120.jpg Mek-WylloweWed-1154.jpg Mek-WylloweWed-1173.jpg Mek-WylloweWed-1250.jpg Mek-WylloweWed-1275.jpgMek-WylloweWed-1279.jpg Mek-WylloweWed-1328.jpg Mek-WylloweWed-1387.jpg

It was great to also get to spend time with Sarah and John. You might remember them from the pictures of their wedding last spring at Acadia University in Wolfville, NS. (Everybody remembers that picture of Sarah in the field of flowers!) Sarah was the minister who performed the marriage and she always does amazing wedding ceremonies.



Take a minute and check out Andrew's photography. He is really well known for his work photographing rally racing across North America. He and two other guests at the wedding run a website called Flat Over Crest that reports on the Canadian Rally racing season.