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Allison & Mark's July Wedding

Regular Subtlevox blog readers will remember that Allison and Mark had a cool, intimate wedding in May for their immediate family and a few close friends (those pictures can be seen here). On July 18th they had the whole-shebang ceremony with all of their friends and family.

Henkell Wedding-868.jpgHenkell Wedding-864.jpg
Henkell Wedding-464.jpg    Henkell Wedding-930.jpgHenkell Wedding-1024.jpgHenkell Wedding-1119.jpg Henkell Wedding-1133.jpgHenkell Wedding-1275.jpgHenkell Wedding-1298.jpgHenkellWedding-1509.jpgHenkell Wedding-582.jpgHenkellWedding-1607.jpgHenkellWedding-1613.jpgHenkellWedding-1713.jpg HenkellWedding-1737.jpg

I thought I had written in that last blog post about how Allison & I met... but I guess not. Allison and I (and our siblings) used to ride the same bus to Innerkip Public School. Certainly the one of my brides that I have known the longest - I probably met her just a year or two after my cousin Amy. Thanks to Facebook for putting us back in touch again!