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Alicia & Conor's Engagement

I spent a great sunny fall Sunday afternoon in London with Alicia and Conor. Alicia is an long-time friend and canoe-trip buddy of mine (ask her about taking her purse on trip that one time) and it has been so great to get to know Conor in the last few years.   

We shot at a couple of well known London landmarks like the Red Roaster in Old South, The bridge behind the courthouse and at Joe Kool's. IndigoConor-564.jpg IndigoConor-672.jpg IndigoConor-864.jpg IndigoConor-878.jpg IndigoConor-923.jpg IndigoConor-994.jpgIndigoConorEngagement-3.jpg IndigoConorEngagement-19.jpg

This is Zoe. She's very head tilty.


IndigoConorEngagement-238.jpg  IndigoConorEngagement-256.jpgIndigoConorEngagement-294.jpg

It's going to be an amazing November wedding! We can hardly wait.