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Business Portraits for Investment Planning Council

Woodstock Area Business Headshots & Portraits

If you were driving down Light Street in Woodstock at the end of October and you saw a guy on a step ladder photographing a good looking group of business people... then you've had a preview of this blog post.

One of my favourite parts of the job is getting to do business headshots for corporate clients and I was really excited to be asked to come in to visit Woodstock financial advisors, Investment Planning Counsel, to do new individual and team photographs.  

I'm really pleased with how the shots turned out - I like to make sure we get some good pictures on a white background for the designers and then move to a setting with a bit more texture and colour.

Thanks for a fun afternoon!

Kristin & Pat - Stratford Wedding Photographer

Playing Stratford Engagement Photographer with a Great Couple!

Thanks to Kristin & Pat for a wonderful fall evening in Stratford!  It was such a cool opportunity to explore one of our favourite Ontario destinations. 

Kristin & Pat are getting married at a resort in Jamaica next year and asked us if we'd meet them in Stratford to shoot with them.   They were looking for some engagement photos that would really tell their story.

I'm really excited about the cool locations and that these two were so willing to try anything.

Jess & Matt's Engagement - Country Wedding Photographer

A Fun Engagement Session on the Farm

It was a hot day but, man, it was fun!   As many of you know, I'm proud of growing up on a farm and all the great lessons that that taught me (yes, as a photographer but also a camp consultant, and a step-father).

Jess and Matt are county through and through and that passion meant that we had an awesome afternoon our on her parent's farm east of Woodstock.  We got to shoot in barns, in classic cars, on Matt's motorcycle - I was truly in my happy place!

The great thing was that these two have an obvious love for each other and no matter what my ideas were, that love shone through.

Laura & Brenden: Camp Kintail Wedding

Goderich Ontario Wedding Photographer

Kincardine wedding photographer - Camp Kintail

What a joy it was to be back at Camp Kintail (a spot I highly recommend to have a wedding!) to shoot two amazing former staff.

Laura and Brenden didn't miss a detail.   It was a beautiful, cool spring day and they had thought of everything to make their guests comfortable.

I love the chapel at Kintail - it's a magical spot for a magical moment in a couple's life. You get to hear the waves on the shore, feel the sunlight and smell the cedar trees - truly, they picked a spot for all the senses. 

Thank you both for the honour of photographing your wedding!  Beth and I wish you all the best.

Lynn & Ken - Otter Creek Golf Club Wedding

A Beautiful Spring Wedding in Woodstock and Otterville

What a privilege it was for us to spend the day with Lynn & Ken and their family! We thoroughly enjoyed their intimate wedding at Calvary Church in Woodstock and then the photos and reception at the beautiful Otter Creek Golf  Club. Wow!  What an amazing place to celebrate!

We wish you both a very happy life together.

FILM: Lomo Shots of Las Vegas

Many of you know that I have a passion for an obscure old Russian film camera called the LOMO L-CA.  It's a pocked sized camera that still takes real rolls of film.
Lomography is a neat sub-culture of photographers who love the interesting colours and ease of use of this little camera.
When we were in Vegas last week we took lots of pictures on the phone but I wanted to also use the Lomo to add a different perspective to what turned out to be an amazing trip!  (Gotta love Secret Pizza)

Rainey Family at the farm

Family Farm Photographer - Woodstock, Ontario

I was so lucky to be invited to the Lee Family farm for a photo shoot with three generations of Lee's (their blog post coming soon).   It always feels like home going back to a farm to shoot and stepping inside an old farm house. Hooray for 10 foot ceilings!

Mary Ellen (now Rainey) asked me if I would come a little earlier and spend a bit extra time with their baby and his brothers.

Ryder Family

Woodstock Family Photographer

On a wintery day in Woodstock, Beth & I bundled up a went to meet the Ryders at Burgess Park.  It was a really fun afternoon for us dog-lovers.  

We set a personal record: 5 people and 8 dogs!

Enjoy the photos.