Photography Rates

Photography Cost Simplified

Meghan Morrison of The Sailboat and the Sea performing live.

I try to keep things as simple as possible but there are a number of factors that go into pricing a photo shoot.  Here are some general guidelines to help with your planning.

General Portrait Photography

If you are looking for headshots for your business or acting career or pictures to use for your website then the rate is pretty simple.   These types of shoots require minimal post processing (but include colour balancing, cropping, straightening, and exposure corrections).

When we discuss the location(s) and numbers of people involved I can tell you how many hours the shoot will take. 

Rate for shooting: $345/hour (plus rentals, mileage and HST), usage of the files (magazine or print) negotiated separately. 


Family Portraits

I ask that families set aside 2 hours for pictures.  We will take the shots in a location of your choosing but I insist that there is some sort of activity for people to be doing. That way I can give you natural looking smiles and pictures of your family having fun.  There will be some static shots of the whole group but that won't be how we spend most of our time together.

Rate: $645 (plus rentals, mileage and HST)

Wedding Photography

I love shooting weddings but I limit the number of weddings that I shoot in a year.  Because of this each wedding is new and exciting to me - ask Beth: when I look at the back of my camera and laugh... it's because I LOVE the picture we just made together!

Wedding pictures can be a lot more complicated to process - I like to take my time and put together a final photo package.  You can see from the samples on my site that my wedding work is where my true portrait personality shines.

Rates: $2100 and up (plus rentals, mileage, accommodation and HST).


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